Interview with the Elusive Porkchop



February 21, 2016

© Dirty Foot Butterscotch

Hello, and welcome back!porkchop-new-picture

A couple weeks back I promised I’d try and get an interview with a friend of Fluffy Pink Slipper’s and Spotted Bag’s named, Porkchop.

He is very hard to get a hold of because he works a very top secret job with computers. But he did agree to reveal 5 things about himself, as long as the questions I would ask could be answered with just a single word each.

So I thought as I made my list, who is Porkchop?

He is shy, mysterious even.

He is sarcastic.

And he is a long-time acquaintance of Spotted Bag.

But what else?

Whew, this is going to be interesting…

Where to start?

Alright, here’s the list of questions I sent over to him and the answers I received back:

(the “*’d” responses are my thoughts on his answers)

Question #1: Your favorite color?

Porkchop: Blue (btw, boring question)

Question #2: Favorite word?


*I like this word too. It is pronounced: Say-guay, and it is a way of saying lead into a new subject. It is also the word for those two wheel carts people stand on to cruise around on, like at the beach or at the mall.

Question #3: In one word, describe the friendship you and Spotted Bag share.



Question #4: If Spotted Bag changed jobs, what job should it be?


*I wonder why that is?

Question #5: Can we do a better interview with questions and answers and tea, when you are not on a secret job?


Well, he sure seems busy. Like I said, he’s a tough guy to get a hold of. He is extremely nice, you can count on him if you’re in a pickle. He’s just not much for conversations. He’s what people call an “introvert,” it means he prefers the quietness that being alone, brings.

Luckily, you will get to see more of him in Adventure #3, That Terribly Ugly Feeling coming September 2016.

Well, as always, thank you for stopping by, hope to see you soon!