Interview with Calayla Cantor

Hello and welcome back! Today we have a very special guest, Calayla Cantor, famous Folksinger/Zitar player…

Welcome, Calayla! 


Calayla Cantor: Hello Dirty Foot, and Hello to your great audience. I am happy to be here!

DFB: And we are definitely pleased to have you here as well. Now, I know you’re a busy performer, and I am so grateful you made time to sit down with me.

I have prepared 15 questions for you today, shall we begin?

CC: Fire away!

DFB: Okay, first question… I think you’ll find this one fairly easy, How long have you been singing?

CC: Since 1987

DFB: Wow, okay… 2nd question, on a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you sing?

CC: Do I think I sing? How well? Hmm… I’d really have to say a solid 8.

DFB: Really? Alright, I like your confidence. Humble and not too arrogant. Question 3, Do you write your own songs?

CC: Yes, every one of them. I enjoy expressing myself through creative word use.

DFB: and what genre is it that you mostly sing? I’m sorry, that was question #4…


CC: Well, I play the Zitar, which is a guitar-type instrument played in India. And I sing folk-type songs… so, I don’t know, does that classify as a genre?

DFB: *Laughs* I don’t know, maybe! Okay, question 5, If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

CC: Am I still playing the Zitar?

DFB: No.

CC: Hmm. I don’t know… Maybe I’d spend more time traveling, and advocating for a cleaner environment, and encouraging more people to spend time outdoors. More than I already do, that is!

DFB: Okay, let’s get to the more interesting questions…

CC: Uh oh.

DFB: No, they’re nothing bad… well, maybe… Question #6, what’s the most embarrassing song you have on your MP3 player/IPOD, right now?

CC: Well, I’m not sure if it’s embarrassing or not, but it is a funny song I try to listen to every Friday morning. Kind of a throw back to when I lived in Las Vegas… The Toast Song, by Bob & Tom.

DFB: Oh my gosh, really? I love that song!

CC: Yeah, it’s great. It really makes me smile. They used to play it every Friday morning along with some other fun songs…

DFB: Yeah, I remember. Perfect. And no, I don’t think it’s embarrassing at all. Moving on… Question #7, where is the strangest place you have ever performed?

CC: That would have to be in a broken-down elevator.

DFB: I’m sure there’s a story behind that…?

CC: Oh yes. So I once did an impromptu performance in an elevator that got stuck when the power went out. The backup emergency lights were on, but that didn’t help the toddler and his mom, who were both petrified with fear. So I began singing to them. In fact, I sang until the power came on again, about an hour and a half later.

DFB: Really? What did you sing?

CC: Is that an official question 8?

DFB: Um, no… but I’m so curious and I’m sure my readers are too… please?

CC: Okay, you twisted my petals! I started out with a couple of my own songs, you know, like, “Papers Rustling in the Wind,” and “Warm Evening Breezes.” But then as they began to relax, and the kiddo was falling asleep, I switched to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and just sang it en-loop. It’s something I’d do all the time for my nieces and nephews to get them to sleep when they were little.

DFB: That’s a great story! Question #8… What is the craziest gift you’ve received from a fan?

CC: A super-tiny pencil. It was actually a standard-sized pencil, at least I’m assuming it was. But it had been sharpened down to the metal of the eraser end.


DFB: Um… that is a bit weird… on to question #9 since I don’t have a clever response to that! What is your greatest indulgence?

CC: Well balanced, liquid fertilizer and well-drained soil. I like and need to look and feel my best since I have such a long performing season.

DFB: True. You being a Petunia and all, you perform Spring to Frost, right?

CC: Question # 10?

DFB: NO… nevermind! Question 10, Do you have a favorite place to be or visit?

CC: Yes! Anywhere sunny! And by the way, yes. Since I’m a Petunia, I perform non-stop from Spring to Frost.


DFB: Thank you.

CC: No problem. What’s question 11?

DFB: What book or books are on your shelves at home, waiting to be read?

CC: You’re probably going to think I’m a slacker, but “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child.”

DFB: JK Rowling’s book? You haven’t read it yet?

CC: No. Have you?

DFB: No. Not yet. I’ve been incredibly busy with work.

CC: Me too. When you do get a chance to read it, maybe you can call me back here and we can discuss it?

DFB: That would be awesome! I’d love to. Alright, last four. Question 12, What upsets you, what makes you mad?

CC: I HATE Bullying. I was bullied as a kid and teased for my glasses and buck teeth. I’ve of course had braces since then, but I still wear glasses. I absolutely HATE Bullying. Did you know next month is National Bullying Awareness Month?



DFB: Yes, I did. And I see you already are wearing your Awareness Ribbon.

CC: Yes, thank you for noticing. It really is important to me. I feel we need to all work together to fix both ends of the spectrum. Help the victims AND the bullies.

DFB: I agree. *sigh* This is getting good, and we’re almost to the end. Question 13, What is one thing folks would be surprised to find out about you?

CC: You know, it never ceases to amaze me. I’m constantly getting emails, or letters asking me what kind of shoes I like, etc…BUT,

DFB: …you have no feet!

CC: I have NO FEET! I do have roots that I like to keep warm and somewhere in between moist and slightly damp, but definitely no FEET. Hence, I don’t wear shoes.

DFB: Alright, hopefully, some of your fans paid attention to that! Last two, Question 14, Are you a hugger, or a non-hugger? and why?

CC: I am totally a hugger! Whenever I can, I’m hugging people. Fans and family alike! I love the closeness and instant warmth you get from a hug, and I like to share that feeling with others!

DFB: Me too! So, what’s next? Question 15 is really just we’re curious, what’s next on your agenda, what are you working on right now?

CC: I was thinking about working on another album, or perhaps going on tour soon. I’m kind of in limbo as far as plans go, for right now since I’ve just wrapped up a few projects for this year.

DFB: Yes, you have been busy! Well, Calayla, I’d like to thank you again for stopping by. I look forward to hearing your new album.


CC: Yes, and I look forward to discussing the latest HP book, as well as seeing your latest, Adventure #3! Any idea how soon you’ll be releasing it?

DFB: I’m putting the finishing touches on now. Shouldn’t be too much longer, I hope!

CC: Great, good deal! Talk to you soon!

DFB: Yes, you take care!

Well, that was fun! And you heard it here… not too much longer and I’ll be releasing Adventure #3 Starring Spotted Bag, “That Terribly Ugly Feeling.”

Uh oh! I wonder what’s going to happen?

Until next time!









Interview with the Elusive Porkchop



February 21, 2016

© Dirty Foot Butterscotch

Hello, and welcome back!porkchop-new-picture

A couple weeks back I promised I’d try and get an interview with a friend of Fluffy Pink Slipper’s and Spotted Bag’s named, Porkchop.

He is very hard to get a hold of because he works a very top secret job with computers. But he did agree to reveal 5 things about himself, as long as the questions I would ask could be answered with just a single word each.

So I thought as I made my list, who is Porkchop?

He is shy, mysterious even.

He is sarcastic.

And he is a long-time acquaintance of Spotted Bag.

But what else?

Whew, this is going to be interesting…

Where to start?

Alright, here’s the list of questions I sent over to him and the answers I received back:

(the “*’d” responses are my thoughts on his answers)

Question #1: Your favorite color?

Porkchop: Blue (btw, boring question)

Question #2: Favorite word?


*I like this word too. It is pronounced: Say-guay, and it is a way of saying lead into a new subject. It is also the word for those two wheel carts people stand on to cruise around on, like at the beach or at the mall.

Question #3: In one word, describe the friendship you and Spotted Bag share.



Question #4: If Spotted Bag changed jobs, what job should it be?


*I wonder why that is?

Question #5: Can we do a better interview with questions and answers and tea, when you are not on a secret job?


Well, he sure seems busy. Like I said, he’s a tough guy to get a hold of. He is extremely nice, you can count on him if you’re in a pickle. He’s just not much for conversations. He’s what people call an “introvert,” it means he prefers the quietness that being alone, brings.

Luckily, you will get to see more of him in Adventure #3, That Terribly Ugly Feeling coming September 2016.

Well, as always, thank you for stopping by, hope to see you soon!



10 Questions with Fluffy Pink Slipper

10 Questions with Fluffy Pink Slipper

January 23, 2016

© Dirty Foot Butterscotch



Dirty Foot Butterscotch: So welcome Fluffy Pink Slipper. It is good to have you here today. Thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with me for my readers. I’ve written ten questions for you to answer so they can get to know you and a bit about Spotted Bag.


Fluffy Pink Slipper: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me. I’ll do my best. Btw, congratulations, I heard through the grapevine that you finally finished Adventure #2. Is that right?


DFB: Yes, that’s correct. It will be being released March 10th. I also just finished revising and updating Adventure #1, the book where our readers first got a chance to meet both you and Spotted Bag.


FPS: Oh really? That’s exciting! Why did you revise Adventure #1?


DFB: I wanted it to match the design of Adventure #2, and I’m just a little more pleased with the options that are available now this time around.


FPS: Well I can’t wait to see them!


DFB: I’ll pass on the previews at the end of this interview that both you and the readers can check out when we’re done.


FPS: Okay, sounds good.


DFB: Okay, well before we get started, let me just say you look great. Did you do something different with your hair?


FPS: Yes, I’ve let it grow out since the last time you saw me.


DFB: I see, well again, I like it. You definitely look more “fluffy.” So, let’s begin with a little bit about you. Do you have any siblings?


FPS: Yes, I have a twin sister who lives in California named Poofy.


DFB: Okay, and uh what do you do for a living?


FPS: I am an Orthopedic Specialist.


DFB: Oh that sounds fancy. So you work with feet, then?


FPS: Yes.


DFB: Alright, tell me about an embarrassing moment for you.


FPS: Oh, um, well, I’ve had quite a few… but one that I can think of right off the top of my head was the time I just got ready and stepped out of the dryer. I was in such a hurry I never stopped to look in the mirror before I left. I’d probably seen about six patients at work before someone pointed out that I had a dryer sheet stuck to my back end!


DFB: Oh my gosh!! That IS embarrassing!


FPS: Yeah tell me about it.


DFB: Okay, and uh, we’ve been having quite a bit of rain lately. So how do you spend a rainy day?


FPS: On a rainy day, you’ll find me propped up by the fire, just trying to stay dry and toasty.


DFB: Yes, that is nice isn’t it? Alright, let’s talk a bit about you and Spotted Bag. How long have you two been friends?


FPS: We’ve been friends for right around 15 years.


DFB: Uh-huh. And could you tell us how you two met?


FPS: I was flying back from visiting my sister, and somehow, after we landed I got a little lost and didn’t make it in time to the carrousel to get my things. So I went to luggage claim, and it was Spotted Bag who was working behind the desk. She was so helpful and friendly. She really helped me calm down and find my stuff. She even called a taxi to pick me up right outside the building. We’ve been friends ever since.


DFB: Oh. Does she still work at the airport?


FPS: No she’s now doing leadership and empowerment seminars.


DFB: Oh, well that does seem like something she would be good at. Okay, could you tell me about a fun memory you have of the two of you?


FPS: Halloween a few years ago, I dressed as a top hat, and she dressed as a hula dancer. We were invited to a Costume Party at our friend Porkchop’s house. We played games, and danced… It was a great night.


DFB: A top hat and a hula dancer? I would’ve loved to see that!


FPS: Well I did bring a picture.


DFB: Really? May I see it?


(She hands me the picture) Aaw this is great!! Can I share it with the readers?


FPS: Absolutely!


DFB: Wonderful. Okay, so having been Spotted Bag’s friend for 15 years you must really know her. So does she have any interesting secrets?


FPS: Well if she did, a good friend would never tell her friend’s secrets.


DFB: Good answer. Okay, what about talents? Does she have any special talents?


FPS: I swear she’s unbreakable and can handle a lot. The more you give her, the more she just opens up and bears the burden without any complaints. She truly is remarkable.


DFB: Yeah, I’ve known her long enough to have to agree with that. Okay, last question, you, do you have any special talents?


FPS: Well, I never lose my form. No matter what pressure I’m put under, I always spring back. I think that is something Spotted Bag has helped me evolve.


DFB: Beautiful. Alright well thank you Fluffy Pink Slipper for joining us today. I really enjoyed your company, and I hope to speak with you again soon.


FPS: No problem. Thank you for inviting me. Maybe we could do lunch sometime?


DFB: Maybe.


Well I hope you guys enjoyed our little interview. Next month I’m going to try to get that friend of theirs Fluffy Pink Slipper spoke about, Porkchop. I’ve met him before, he’s a nice guy. But I do know besides being shy he is also extremely busy. So we will see.


Otherwise, take care and come back and visit sometime.




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