Hi, welcome to my blog, friends. I can’t wait to share my stories with you!

You are probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today….

Well you see, about ten years ago I sent a story out into the world, but only told a few people about it. Then I went on to do some other non-fun, responsible-type things for a while. Life was boring.

But now, I’m ready to share another story, and even more stories after that with the world. So I’ve finally started learning some new skills to help share these very important tales I’ve learned about, and experienced since then.

I hope this goes well! 🙂

The first story I had intended on sharing with the world was about a really good friend of mine, and the main character of my stories, Spotted Bag.

Now you might be thinking to yourselves, “What makes this “Spotted Bag” character just so special that a presumably decent, young, walking candy like myself, would care to devote his whole writing career to?”

(Well firstly, thank you for calling this a career. Really I just felt the stories were more important than any monetary gain. But again, thank you for calling it a career.)

Spotted Bag is amazing! She’s just like everyone else you’d like to meet. She’s funny, she’s curious, and she’s learning one lesson at a time all about Life, and Life’s challenges.

She has questions, just like the rest of us.

She’s emotional, just like the rest of us.

And what I love best about her is her ability to investigate everything until she finds the simple answer waiting at its core.

I think you, and the rest of the world will enjoy meeting her, as I have.

Won’t you please join me?

With love,



Coming in two weeks, and exclusive interview with Fluffy Pink Slipper, on her friendship with Spotted Bag!

Stay tuned…..



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