List Ten: Books and Activities for the Month of February, 2016

February 2, 2016

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Hello Again!

Today is February 2nd, also known as Groundhog Day.

I remember being in Elementary school learning all about that little critter named Punxsutawney Phil who lives in Pennsylvania. Every year, this little guy is asked to come out of his hole in the ground, and when he does, if he sees his shadow, he then affects the whole seasonal change from winter to spring!

Now that’s one powerful rodent!

I’d just love to know more, wouldn’t you?

A screengrab of a video by the tourism website of the state of Pennsylvania shows the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil being watched for signs of his shadow.

Groundhog 2016

Well, in celebration of Punxsutawney Phil’s special day, I’m writing this post to let everyone know about some great blogs and websites out there that have taken the time to gather together many different books and activities, not only about Phil, but for the whole month of February itself!

Did you know there’s a lot going on this month?

#1 Well for starters, it is Black History Month. That means, this month we should all take some time to focus on the great influences the African-Americans of history have had on our great world. Their history is rich in culture and sacrifices.

(Although personally I think their history should be fully integrated with all history lessons, and taught all year, but until that time…)

Let’s honor them and check out some of these books and maybe, do an activity or two?












And for some great Activity ideas, head on over to:



#2 February is also National Dental Care Month, meaning we should all focus on taking better care of our mouth and everything in it – our teeth, our gums – they’re important!


So I’d like to share with you what I found for books, tips, and activities for National Dental Care Month…


Found on: what an amazing site! So much good info! She not only has these books listed, but tips on teeth care, activities to make it all fun… and tons more!! Check it out!!!

Here’s a few more books you might like…

#3 Some people feel February is a great month to focus on fitness.

So with that in mind, here are a few sites I found with some great book listings and activities to encourage kids to be fit and healthy this month:


found on


To see more info on kid yoga, go to:


I found this neat “Wheel of Fitness” on

And here’s another book you might like,


At school, Little Critter learns all about having a healthy lifestyle—from a balanced diet and the food pyramid to exercises that keep him in shape. Now Little Critter can show his family how to stay fit and have fun doing it!

#4 Okay, so like I said earlier, today is Groundhog Day. So for those of you interested in knowing more, check out these books…


#5 Alright, Sunday, February 7th is Super Bowl #50. To celebrate, why not read some of these books about football, and try a couple of these neat recipes?


29f3b131f107b87c5c9afe57c915a116Found this list on

645d6cf4bcd8cf1cc25a9414b8d70032Here’s some yummy recipes to try, found on

c2e6a93f150562d74bba24a7e64357ceHere’s a few more recipes.. these ones found on:

And how about some Photo Booth ideas?

5b5f21b8c0d275c813f57ee417714ee4 Thanks to for the great ideas!

Or better yet, it is Fitness February, how about a nice game of football?

Alright, what’s next?

#6 Monday, February 8th is Chinese New Year – the Year of the Monkey. How about reading up on this Chinese holiday and try making a Chinese lantern?


For sale on:

c16dcead01e751e29a37da08daa944bc Found this cool tutorial on:

#7 When most people think of February they think Valentine’s Day. They associate this day with the colors red and pink, they think of hearts, and above all – love. But why?


for more info, you could check out wikipedia’s page:

Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Here are some books for Valentine’s Day for you to read, and of course a few suggested activities and recipes…

Click on the above images to find out more and follow the links!

And Finally, how about some really yummy recipes?

#8 The 15th of February this year is Presidents’ Day. This is a day to honor and remember all of the men who have thus far served as President of the United States. Do you have a favorite president? Would you like to know more?

Well check out these books…

#9 Dia de La Bandera is celebrated in Mexico on 24 February. It is their Flag Day, the day they honor their national flag. Why not learn more about Mexico and their culture? And maybe try a few recipes?


#10 This February, is a special February. This year is Leap Year. This means we get an extra day! Instead of twenty-eight days this month, we get twenty-nine! Why?

Well there aren’t many books that I found, but I did find these two:


But an online search led me to this site:


And here’s wikipedia’s:

And I found this neat chart on Pinterest:

Here are some activities to do just to celebrate and have fun on your extra day!!


Hope this gave you some great ideas!

Until next time!



P.S. I’ve tried my best to ensure all proper credit went to the original gatherers of the information I have provided. If links are not working properly, please copy and paste them into your browsers. Thanks Again!!


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